Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I Am Melchezidek . . .

What Saint Germain is commenting on at this time makes an important point: what comes from nothing is not energized, it only serves as a counterfeit, imaginary copy of the real thing. Unless paper money is backed by an actual thing, like metal or land, it has only the value attributed to it, not any value that can be controlled. What the controllers are causing now could not have occurred when dollars had gold to account for. Can you deliver gold to the debt holders now? No, only more of the debt that is called in by the major banks who are in cahoots with the controllers—sad.

Can you get out of debt by leveraging money with more debt? Only temporarily. When you are debt ridden and asking for more debt you are contributing to the problem. Why not pay down old debt before creating new debt? When large debts accumulate they can become overwhelming. In the case of one inquirer who has many debts and is attending college, I recommend a temporary debt reducing college break and then a search for money to continue that does not accrue debt, say a grant or scholarship. Having less debt will not only decrease your cash dilemma when the dollar drops in value, you will also need more money  to clear the debts you now have if you delay payment for another few years.