Our Channel Is ...

Aruna Byers has been channeling for many years, as a member of the Great White Brotherhood. Her awakening in 1993 changed her into an empty vessel. At that time, her need to be quiet overrode our work together.

Her mental decision to channel again, in 2005, was a great gift to her mentor, Ascended Master Saint Germain, who needed her assistance to deliver the Master Messages to humanity. Her agreement to act as a teacher for channels, also gave the Ascended Masters the opportunity to greet others at the higher vibratory frequency needed to receive our messages.

Many channel, and many are not clear. Aruna's complete commitment to enjoying the answers, without any dense thoughts about them, allow lessons that we need to deliver, to be dispensed, and continue to be dispensed, even when others do not accept them. Her lack of attitudes and beliefs, cancels any drama that would contradict the Masters' meanings, a pure delivery. Through Aruna, we are capable of delivering all of our contents as intended.

Please consider Aruna a teacher, as well as a channel.

Archangel Michael

For more information about Aruna's teachings and coaching, and subscribe to her free monthly newsletter, visit: http://awakeningcoach.com. The Master Messages and A Course in Channeling can both be downloaded from this site.

For daily messages from Ascended Master Saint Germain, channeled by Aruna, visit: http://comptedesaintgermainsblog.blogspot.com