Friday, April 1, 2011

Metatron says . . .

More conditions to open hearts will counter the economic recovery. More currencies will get devalued, as printing money on demand doesn't really change the cause of the devaluation.

More consideration about the cause must occur. Are you considering yow your mental attitudes could be contributing to major disasters? Are any major disturbances in you needing clearing? Are there any major misunderstandings that need resolving? Have any of my continuous callings to be ok with everything that happened a long time ago encouraged you to delete your negative feelings? Are you energetically clear?


  1. Choosing the wrong path' drives to the valley of shadows.Hunting of shadows' drives to the mountain of illusions.Higher you cimb bigger the fall.Non control of our inner -self drives to the valley of sorrow'and to long-last pain and suffering.The non-realidy of lower-self sustains the forms of evolving to the higher-self.
    Real mental and spiritual awareness and concious awakening'results in perceiving and comprehention ot he plan.Light and Love in our hearts and our minds drives to the desired
    awareness of our holy destiny'as are the flames of our FATHER.Then we will see the sunset of illusions and the Beauty of Reality.Many thenks to the Beloved Ascented Master Metadron .GOD bless All.

  2. Thank You So Much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much Love!!!

  3. Thank You So Much!!!!!!! Much Love To You All!!!!!!