Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ashtar says . . .

If the air gets no change in its direction of deterioration many of the good things needed to heal will disappear. All the natural medicines need clear air to propegate. Can we work together on this project?

My crew can provide new additives to clean the air if your crew can refrain from acquiring new material objects that contain destructive ingredients. Please give this more attention now, as all of us need this approach to cancel the negative effects of current dross management.

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  1. Hi Aruna & Lord Ashtar,

    It would be most wonderful if Lord Ashtar could explain further and let us know how in detailed and concrete steps (given the fact that the dark cabal are still currently in charge of global economics, social-political affairs) to move forward to implement the needed changes in an orderly and quick manner before things get out of hand and beyond repair.

    We also need bold strong spiritual leaders to lead and inspire the populace to change the way, we live, eat and play. It's not an easy task, but vital if we are to living on this planet, because what's needed is a monumental and radical shift in lifestyle and beliefs.

    Looking forward to hear more from Lord Ashtar on this matter. Thank you very much.