Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vywamus says . . .

Are my colleagues erasing your doubts about the deletion of negativity being needed for ascension? My dear friends, welcome all that occurs. Give a cheer or a big hooray about the gifts of delight being made on the ascension path. Close the mind to discussions that discredit anyone: banks, investors, nature destroyers, etc. All are God's deliverers of awareness. Celebrate consciousness in action: when man claims his life force and goes towards his heart's desire. All of your challenges are to bring those who can transcend negativity home.


  1. Aruna, but with all this channeling all the Master, when do you have time to be yourself? Best regards, good life and good ascension (pay attention to the roof). Mya Lurgo

  2. Behold the pruning of the trees
    of Greed and Power..
    thy bark has been stripped from thee,
    and thy trunk lies empty
    your limbs twisted around the necks of man,
    binding him with chains, but no more,.
    you are cut down and without roots,
    and wither as your time is done
    and the fruits thereof are without merit,
    and serve you no more,
    except as now ,
    be it that of a stepping stone,
    to a fairer vision ..
    of thy Oneness.