Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Archangel Michael says . . .

Make a commitment to the human belief that health can be directed by the mind. Use the mind to choose a clean diet, actions that are good for the body, and dream of how good health will give you more aliveness.

Mental directives against health must be deleted. Negative thinking cancels the body's ability to generate delight and creativity. Make a choice of thoughts that let the body grow and thrive. Not affirmations. Choose opposite concepts to those you currently degrade your body with. "I don't like my . . ." is where to begin. Change this to "When God gave me this . . . I was to get more awareness from it."

I Am That I Am is not just a claim to make in the context of attitude awareness. It is also needed as an acknowledgement of the creation God made that is your body.

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