Monday, May 14, 2012

Archangel Ariel says . . .

Choosing your way to deal with the not-so-nice coming events will give you an advantage, depending on where you get your news. In the controllers' game all news is created to deceive. We need a direct line to those humans who are able to accept what is really going on. When we are able to tell you, give it your attention.


  1. any suggestions for where we should get honest news, other than this site?

    1. i simply look for the same "story" through many different sources and discernment allows you to get the gist for the truth by seeing the same story filtered through the different opinions. Everything "news" has an opinion behind the fact, so by using different sources you see which part of the story is fact-based and you can sort through the inferences.

  2. I intend to channel clearly, Aruna and dear ones. Thank you Aruna and St Germain for the course in channeling, well worth the "purchase." I know i have not "called in" anyone yet, I am working exclusively with I am that I am and also violet flame mediation. I intend to be a direct line to Christ Consciousness for service to others. I am in Oregon and apparently the time is now to get clear channeled messages to my peers. Please advise.

  3. Awakened awareness brings the clearest channel/message. Let the awakened awareness guide you through, make this your priority and not channeling! I AM THAT I AM!