Thursday, June 21, 2012

Archangel Ariel says . . .

After the winter of this year many countries will give out detoxifying emissions for their grasp at ongoing existence. These will appear as ground dramas, air conditions that do not allow any chilly demographics to be cold or any hot areas to be hot. All of the continents' temperatures can be altered quite quickly without any warning. As this occurs, the water around the continents will also change their temperature and many of your alternative conditions will not be available. For example, drought will come to forests and their growth diminishes, and in the deserts climate change will cause more growth to begin. Opposite conditions like these are coming. Making changes so that you can cope is not needed, as God will announce the dream over once the elements for life on earth are no longer contained within it.

What you need to understand now is that what you are able to demonstrate in consciousness can make the difference between complete destruction of man's current habitat and new life becoming available. Bring your answer to all of life as beauty and grace. Delight in its existence and you can deter this devastating option.

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