Saturday, August 18, 2012

Archangel Michael says . . .

When the dollar drops in market value the US will collapse. All goods and their managers will disappear. When this occurs we will see chaos as never before. Can this be conceived of? No? Then you are not aware of what these and the Saint Germain blog messages have been delivering in the last few years. Being prepared for a collapse was their original direction.

Sitting back and dreaming about a New Earth was not the way to live consciously. What Acended Master Saint Germain has been telling you in his messages will occur, not today, not tomorrow, but when the ascension candidates deliver themselves to their next energetic move. Maybe next year. It isn't so far away in the time you are accustomed to.

See what the world news is saying about the US market place. Not so inviting, for crash is the word in money circles.

NOTE FROM ARUNA: This appeared on my Facebook feed a few hours ago:

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  1. While all that you post is valid for one timeline, it is also my truth that we are each master creators and we each have the choice to choose a different timeline. And if this requires negating soul contracts, so be it. We still have the choice to ACT and CHANGE OUR SOUL CONTRACTS IF THAT IS CONGRUENT WITH OUR HIGHER SELVES.
    I AM EL RA MIN RAY of the B'Hai Elohim.