Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hilarion says . . .

Particles of man's gnome are not allowing human design to make an adjustment to the technolgies being created for more control of the human condition. Meaningless cancers would occur less often if these technologies did not develop into mainstream desires. Cell phones are the most obvious demonstration of this. Bodies do not adapt to the microchip's emination of cancer causing impulses on human genes.

Can man do without these technologies? Of course, no cell phones existed a few centuries ago and man got his messages delivered all over the world with less man made cancers appearing.

Can man disturb an already commercial technology that is making him corrupt his own health? Yes, he can. Will anyone cancel their cell phone? Wait and see what is discovered by the medical community and its too late. Cancer takes at least 10 years to fully develop. Are you able to give up this convenience, or would you rather have cancer?

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