Thursday, January 20, 2011

Melchizedek says . . .

Past has no meaning once the moment has passed. No control of the future exists. All my dear friends who are awaiting their next contract are deluded. It will not occur. You are acting out your last one, and the time to conplete it has come. No excuses, no delays, get clear of your negtivity, or lose an opportunity to be on the next ascension wave.

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  1. Each day comes and goes as new and different, making the day before looks far in distance. The gravity of the ground where I walk is different; the time that frames my day is different. Lessened the first, speeded up the second. The Self of this day, different from the Self of the other day. Incomparable to the Self of a few months back. This is the picture. I, in its center. “The ascension” – written below...

    My awareness is clearer and higher each and every day. Little steps. Areas after areas, levels after levels. Deeply transformed as I go through. Ascending personally each and every day. Contrary from what I believed the day before that my ascension would be all at once, one single jump at the time of the ascension waves. The ascension wave is the rejoin with the Family. The celebration party that comes when a job is well done.