Saturday, June 9, 2012

El Morya says . . .

Feuding armies in any country are a collective consciousness that decides for all countries about how military might creates density because mass consciousness includes this density.

Soul fragments do not complete their chosen destiny when they are not on the same light frequency. Many of those choosing ascension are not "one" candidate in the big picture. All of your soul fragments need to be awake.

Can you aid in their dream of awakening? As one of their aware dreamers you can open the door to the other aspects with meditation and decrees.

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  1. are soul fragments EVERYONE you come into awareness with? I know that every single person that I see, especially those that i make eye contact with and triple especially for those in my close contact circle, holds some part of me inside them. Smile at the bum, and thank him for experiencing that part of existence. Tolerate the hypocrite, love the torturer, forgive the abuser and respect your mother and father.