Friday, February 18, 2011

Archangel Michael says . . .

When you are moving into Awakened awareness many changes occur to the body. Most of them are minor, like getting new cells to replace those that have died as a result of conditions which no longer apply. New life has to begin in the body for contracts to be completed.

Health has more components than food and medicine. Good health also needs happy thoughts. Awakened awareness needs new cells to lead healing energy from one body to another. These cellular alterations give more aliveness, and changes matter to its natural condition.

Change in diet may be needed. Notice how the body craves and dislikes things. Give it the dislikes to modify the cravings. Want sweet? Give it sour. Want salty? Give it less of this. Add to the diet all the tastes the body has chosen to dismiss, because this will balance any addictions that have developed.

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  1. "Give it the dislikes to modify the cravings." (In my childhood this was the way how my parents were answering our "wantings", giving us the opposite. Until we got "smarter" than them, asking for the opposite to get the real wanted... )
    Archangel Michael, what happens with hormones, the ones that effect the memory. Any "cure" to speed up their altering/restoring?