Thursday, February 24, 2011

El Morya says . . .

Are the next days going to be the most exciting of all? No, but they will keep the mind busy with notes for the days to follow. Are the logistics managed so you can get new directions if the internet goes down? Will there be adequate demand for goods and services to keep the economy going? Are there more details there has been no warning about?

My dear co-creators, we want you to enjoy the ride. Are these messages asking anything of you that gives us an advantage? No, only giving you the advantage is the purpose of our messages. Is anyone out there paying attention?


  1. "Is anyone out there paying attention?"
    Yeah... we are here, scratching our heads as we think if the internet goes down...

  2. You have a very good point there, Ascended Master El Morya... If and when the Internet goes down, I can't start to imagine the sort of chaos and trouble that everyone (almost everyone all over the world) is going to experience. Perhaps one of the Ascended Master can touch a little bit more on this?

    By the way, can any of the Ascended Masters be kind enough to let us know how long do we need to stock up on food, water and other basic necessities. before things goes back to some sort of normalcy as well as basic flow and function?

    Thank you very much.

  3. Yes, El Morya, I am out here paying so much attention that these blogs are the only world I find comfort and joy in. Thank you for them. I appreciate the efforts from you and all the masters and archangels. I am trying to meditate, trying as of yet to get my own connection. Until that happens I have all of you. I also would like more physical advice, too. Food supply for me and my children a year? 6 months? Or just keep a bag packed ready to go? I hope my own connection comes in soon for the answers.