Saturday, May 7, 2011

Archangel Raphael says . . .

More than anyone, the keepers of the mass consciousness heart energy must be aware of all the disturbances that are about to occur. It will be up to them to deliver answers that calm and negate darkness.

May they be allowing and carefree when dark attitudes appear around them. May they be happy and delight others with happy words. May they free themselves from all the dense negativity they will have to deal with. May they light the light in those who let theirs go out. I Am That I Am can deliver light through anyone with an open conduit to allow it. Open now by acting as One.

1 comment:

  1. "I stand tall in the Light of the Love I AM.
    I have all of my being, all of my energy fields, focused upon the One We All Are. And I rejoice in the empowerment even now coming more into my fields, Love and Light unending, lifting me up, because I give permission for it to be so!

    I give permission to Myself to claim my Sovereign Freedom, to fly upon my path of mission, to heal all that is to be healed within me, to receive inspiration from the totality of the Love I AM, and to be inspired even more by the One We All Are, and to give unceasingly, unendigly, of this great Love Light I AM!

    I say to all, below, on, and above this bright Planet:

    I AM here to serve, and I renew my vow of commitment, even as I express infinite Love, Respect, and Gratitude to all members of Mother Gaia's Kingdoms, and all of the light Beings in the dimensions beyond three.
    I AM LIght Being in the body of the Human.
    I give permission to my Beloved Body to hold these higher energies of Love and Light, to lift up even more, and to remember at all times, WHO I AM, DIVINE BEING in Mission and Service to All, Planet Earth and Beyond!
    And so it is, I commit the Totality, the Divinity, and the Sacredness of WHO I AM!
    And I join with all Divine Beings in the Universe to further even more the Ascension of Planet Earth.
    And so it is! And so I AM!"