Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Serapis Bey says . . .

Major changes in America are about to occur. When they do, keep your dreams alive and don't be disturbed. All that die will be in a continuous aliveness in the arms of healing angels.

No disaster comes without God's grace coming along. Was this change made by man? Yes. And God was, as always, assisting in the entire creation. No blame towards the major cause is appropriate. All was done as part of the game of co-creation.

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  1. Masters and Angels,
    You have explained patiently that the meaning of life and death is in essence the same concept. Death is the transition of life to another form of life. If quality of love expressed in each life, makes the life to be different from another life, the quality of death is what makes the new life to start as the most splendid one. The new humans, the ones made aware of their divinity, are not afraid of death.
    Thank you Masters and Angels for the great work done with us.