Thursday, March 3, 2011

Archangel Gabriel says . . .

Making love to a man or woman is not giving them a gift when it comes from an inner call to dominate. Many of these misguided actions occur in marriages, more than you can imagine. My dear chelas, can you change this attitude? Can you make love only for the sake of giving?

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  1. “Can you make love only for the sake of giving?”

    As the lonely man walks to the entrance the goddess who bestowed love upon him tonight, he makes a gentle gesture, straightening the collar of her coat. The mist of the passion still present in his eyes, in hers.

    In many marriages the picture, in appearance, looks different. As if the married god and goddess' passion of love making has faded away. There are their personal dramas involved, their not yet ended arguments about stuff from the time they live together. And than, there are children dramas involved. Even for the sake of giving, it seems impossible to make love...!

    Pessimistic? Oh no, it is not how it looks. I believe the New Era is effecting wondrously this very important aspect of the human life. As each individual goes through individual changes and transformation, with individual speed, different tools and means toward a higher awareness, both partners walk in the same road, only in different lines. I believe it's the cleansing process happening in relationships of the two-as-one. Soon, the marriage will show a new face, the one of the Light.

    Thank you Archangel Gabriel.