Sunday, March 27, 2011

Archangel Gabriel says . . .

Some of the Masters that are helping now are to leave for their next choice, to ascend. Now there are about three million who can. When this occurs, they and their families will graduate from this dimension.

Nothing can be done for the group to gather together for ascension so a concentrated dynamic can be noticed. So, we want as many as possible to draw the dream of their ascension to them by holding light for others.

Can this be the answer to the New Earth? Close the gap by ascending and contain the light to begin this new creation.

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  1. Beloved Archangel Gabriel,
    Thanks so much for your message and your great assistance. Having read many things about Ascension, I ended up being a bit confused about it. When you say that the ones that chose to ascend with their families and graduating from this dimension, mean that we leave our physical bodies and we go to another dimension in a different realm? or we keep living in Mother Earth with our physical body?
    Thanks for your clarification, and your words that definitely are much needed and helping many of us to awaken.