Saturday, March 12, 2011

Archangel Uriel says . . .

Twenty million chelas of the Great White Brotherhood are choosing to end their cycle of incarnations. Are they going to manage an arranged ascension? Not all are ready to get their graduation gift. Is this your concern? Is ascension on your list of things to be done in this life?

As in all things, the choice is not ours to make. All who are wanting ascension must first let go of their mighty attitude and become more loving to all. When this is done, another Master is able to ascend.

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  1. If Love is the energy that turns around the Creation, it should be a great deal of information about this concept up there. Anyway, I guess, it should be only one single given definition in your books and encyclopedias. A Universal Law is Universal, it cannot be there and not here. If Love goes around “up there”, it also goes around here. I don't know what the single definition is up there, but I can talk a great deal about definitions we have “down here”. Yes, that's right, we have as many concepts about Love, as many of us breath on the face of Earth. It might be One fundamental concept for the application of this Universal Law up-there, but I ensure you, we have many down here.

    “Are they going to manage an arranged ascension?”
    Better not, Archangel Uriel, if twenty million chelas would bring up 20 million concepts for Love, 20 million definitions about it, and 20 million ideas how to apply it to the continuity of life at “up there”-worlds...

    Thank you for giving us your wisdom in little doses as daily quotes, so we don't choke...