Friday, March 4, 2011

Sananda says . . .

Many days of warning humanity about what is about to occur have not been adequate to get the necessary action to prepare. It is quite disappointing to our realm that having no disturbance now causes denial of what will be occuring in the future.

Many of you are about to get a big change and will be left out of the rank of leaders if denial is the only attitude you can accept. We need courageous leaders willing to create alternatives as they intuit the need.

The need for group arrangements will come on the heels of dire money conditions. Are these messages going to deaf contacts? Are they doing anything that encourages you to discuss options with your family and friends?

Is not caring the same as denial? No, not caring means being completely content with whatever occurs. When it does occur though, no complaining.


  1. No disrespect but what is it that you are expecting us to say or do? I am talking to people in subtle and not so subtle ways but I would sound like a lunatic to run around saying the world as we know it is going to come to an end...I am preparing and I am accepting that I need to prepare for some others who might need my assistance. I understood that many people would "opt" out and leave when the going got tough. Please, instead of making us all feel inadequate, give us some concrete information and assistance in how we might wake up people who are "asleep". Is that what you are asking us to do at this point? How can we prepare for something that we cannot quite conceptualize? My friends and family know I have gifts but they are the most skeptical, and I don't have the idea that they are going to do what I say they should in preparation. How might I change that?
    Also, I understand that I am here to generate positive energy to lift the consciousness as a whole and I am working towards that, but is there something I am missing in what you are saying now? Thank you for this blog and please understand that probably many of us don't know what to do or say at this point.

  2. A lot of stuff happening or prophecy's stated that have not occurred, make me sceptical of any of it, just what the dark want perhaps? Like why do we need warning? If mankind does in fact have 'freewill', (if we have planned our lives beforehand freewill is non-existent) we will choose our own paths, based on our experiences. In my case, no amount of praying or sending love for any outcome has changed a thing, and those who are devious and dishonest, still rein over those who are not. Why do we have all this input from the masters now? What is wrong here? Why should the masters need to be doing this? Are things really so far off 'the plan track' that the masters have to be here now and give these 'last minute' messages? All valid questions with few answers, something is amiss somewhere with the plan for the interaction needed at this time from many sources, otherwise things would be progressing as it should, business as usual on planet Earth. There are so many contradicting sources of information. Only direct communication to a light being of reasonable enough vibration (5 or above, so we are told) can validate any of it for us/me personally, has that happened in all of my requesting to be connected over so many years, NO! We are mushrooms, kept in the dark, and fed on BS. Those with genuine caring for our planet seem few, compared to those who rape and pillage her for financial gain. It is happening from the highest places, corruption is everywhere. So my take on things is 'the game is now in overtime' and the dark has the upper hand, or those of the light would not be here doing what they are doing. As always, be completely discerning about any information, if it feels 'right' in your heart, take it on board, in not, leave it to one side. Does anyone really know what is truly going on?