Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lady Master Portia says . . .

When we give messages it is to deliver more light to all. No close of a life ends the life of the body's Master within, only the body itself. Continuing life as a more aware being does not deliver awakening. An awakening must occur at the demand of the conscious Master before the body dies. Contact with God must be Oneness, not a belief. Let go of your thoughts about heart and mind being the director of anything. No man can bring on an ascension.

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  1. Thenks LADY MASTER PORTIA for clartfying this subject.I think that is been a misundersdanding on this for a long time.Is been said also by other ascended Masters that on this level of conciousness'the body-matter-is the vechicol of Soul'and in a higher level the soul is the vechicol of the devine spirit.Since anybody's soul is not connected with universal soul'and this is not happening before graduation at 4th initiation in our 3dimention level of conciousness'which is the higher level on this Planet.
    The connection or rewired of our individual soul with the universal soul'is not a matter of belief'faith'or aguired knowlege.It is a Fact or happening which only the graduate can perceive as Light and only Light.Thenk you again Lady Master Portia.God bless you.