Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ezekiel says . . .

Most of the channeling that is mesmerizing mankind has no qualifications to claim. Only an unbiased channeling consultant, who makes a living by determining how accurate a message is and the consciousness of its source, could give an accurate assessment. If one were available, how many channels would ask for this consult?

My dear friends, none of you are in the consultant category for this kind of determination. Only God has this capability. Are your comments about others in "good deed" mode? Are they caring and grateful? Are they the light that most of you are discussing? Only when you are all divine consultants will you have the awareness to determine what an Ascended Master does or does not do.

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  1. Bless you Aruna for what you do and the criticism you receive for your good works. I know that when I "happened" upon this and Saint Germain's blog it was no accident. God bless you for being available to deliver these messages while I am still in the learning process of channeling. ~Amanda