Monday, September 19, 2011

Archangel Ariel says . . .

Ashtar is a demonstration of an angel with another function. In his choices he always does what he can for all of those he contacts. In his desire to bring Earth beings to other galaxies he has appealed to many civilizations to accept them. Never has he been so disappointed. It is not his choice to abandon those who do deserve the change, but he has no offers to accept anyone today.

Can this be altered? Nothing is in complete concrete terms, although what is needed to resolve this dilemma makes it appear that it is not changeable now. Wake Up en masse and who knows, many options could become open.


  1. My observation now is that the human race would need a miracle to come close to any other planetary system accepting us. It doesn't take much effort of thought to come to a realisation that if things were reversed, would we accept anyone like us? I doubt it. At the current stage of evolution, we would try to overtake anyone, and use them and their planet, for whatever purpose we could find. Even a major change in life situation, aka evacuation, most likely would not alter the thinking patterns of mainstream Earth population. This is a sad reflection on those of us who assume we are modern and advanced. Any life form that actively goes about destroying it's own habitat, is not very advanced are they? Is there any chance for us to ascend? Perhaps only a minority who have moved past the material entrapments.

    Surely Ashtar would have known of this possibility a long time ago regarding non acceptance of the Earth inhabitants.

    For those who choose ascension and achieve it, it will seem a miracle, as so many of us are caught in the 3D web, where survival in this world is needing much attention and attacks continue.

    It would be nice to think we could get there as a whole, but that is unrealistic thinking looking at our world as it is today. It must be rather painful for an ascended master to see the current state of human affairs.

  2. We need a divine miracle to wake up on a large scale basis about what the calamity and dangers that humanity is now facing.

    I was also wondering if the Ascended Masters and Galactic Federations would known about this whole drama sooner and acted on it before the entire situation got to the point of no return. Maybe things would have been much better if the Galactics and Ascended Masters acted before we reached this stage.

    Thank you very much.