Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Archangel Michael says . . .

Awaken to an awareness of how the thoughts and deeds of all of humanity are at cause. None of the dark dense cabals are coming to control without man's collective density making this possible. Are all of these cabals the enemy? Absolutely not, only the activators of man's development opportunities.

Fight your dark cabal with great happiness. Give them no attention. Seek the light in your own heart no matter what you are dealing with. Use the mighty sword of love as the way to let go of your own concepts that are dark.

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  1. AM,

    It is hard for me in my limited 3D world to fight the controllers or others who willing wish to attack me, with great happiness. If I believe a wrong or devious deed has been done against me and my family, I react in a protective manner. Is this not the right thing to do? Finding the light in one's heart when major drama is occurring, is very difficult for me.

    If I knew the big picture, or was more intune and aware of it, perhaps I would react in a different way. I have tried many times to use love against those who wish to take me down, but it hasn't resulted in anything, they still keep going. I have given the situations to God to sort out, still it remains the same, they get what they want, I don't get what I want.

    Are we at the mercy of the darkside?