Friday, September 9, 2011

Ashtar says . . .

W ar not able to advance beyond human decisions of choice. Most do not want the aliens to visit because of the movies and alien contacts they have been appraised of. When the media describes us as galactic attackers we will be attacked.

No one wants to be considered an attacker. We come with love. When the world needs our aid, the media can describe us differently, but until then we can only bring energetic aid, not touch or cry together. We want more. When the opportunity comes, you will get that assistance.


  1. I'm also confused by what Ascended Master St. Germain said about not expecting help from Ashtar and the Galactics. Perhaps Ashtar could care to advise us what exactly they can and cannot do at this moment in time.

    Would Ashtar be able to help weed out and neutralize the Illuminati cabal in the background and maybe help President Obama and other leaders of the Light in overcoming them?

    It is not easy as mainstream media sources are still controlled by the Illuminati cabal and the mass public are still unaware of what's going on. Would ET Disclosure help advance this cause?

    I think we could use more accurate information as many current channeled information from the Galactics are not exactly accurate, and contains misguided information as well as deception which ensnares and seduce many lightworkers.

    The key part is this: Help is now really needed and requested to assist and wake up the rest humanity, what can we (small minority) do to make it happen? The public isn't going to believe us that UFO and Galactics exists, just by telling them.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Dear Ashtar,

    My personal decision is to meet you and the other ascended masters, and be part of the ascension process. If people choose to be influenced by fiction, so be it, but why should I or any other seeking ascension, be limited in my desired experience by the mass consciousness of the population? It is their choice to be and do what they are doing. What happens for those of us that want these spiritual ideals? It just doesn't seem right for those who are open to different experiences, when we want to go in a different direction to the mass population, to be at the mass consciousness mercy, and have little chance of achieving our goal. We all have choice, but do we have free will? Sounds to me like free will is not attainable when mass consciousness rules.

    I certainly accept any of your energetic aid with much gratitude, but I know I do want more of a personal experience than that. As you also do. Why can't it be so for those of us who want it? Must we wait until things change for the majority? What if it doesn't change? Where does that leave us then?

  3. Ashtar,

    I find it hard to believe that you are limited in what you can do, and the deceivers are allowed to continue their games. It obviously must be God's plan, otherwise you would have more freedom.

    Will anything change? Have you underestimated the creativity of the deceivers? From where I am, these messages offer little reassurance when excuses are made. I am sure you have the ability to do anything, including benevolent activities for those who choose the path of ascension.

    Why the smoke and mirrors campaign, when things could simply be disclosed and out in the open? I obviously see things very different.

  4. Dear Ashtar,

    My choice is to meet you and the ascended masters, now, not later. Can you come to the party? It is my choice in the matter and I now throw this over to you. Will you do it? No more excuses please. I am sure you can do anything for those who wish to have personal contact. You now have my approval to advance contact with me, surely you don't need the whole planet's population to be in the same boat do you? Can't see that happening anytime soon.

    If the general population believe you are there to attack, so be it. Do something benevolent, time for action, prove you are coming in love and assistance. Are you going to wait around forever, for the human heart and mind condition to change? I sincerely doubt anything will change via words on a screen, I need to experience something real. There have been too many sweet words out there to entrap people, only to let them down when nothing happens. Many have been there and done that.

    Isn't it about time you guys started doing something, instead of letting the deceivers continue to get away with their deeds? Why do they continue? Why do you wait?

    Why the excuses? If you want more, do it. Motivate the troops, then get to it. I would say many of us are waiting for action after many years of deceit.