Sunday, September 25, 2011

El Morya says . . .

Today's challenges will become even more difficult after the ascension—not due to the ascension itself, but because many will get distressed about their missed opportunity. Masters do not doubt their own decisions. Once made, they deliver their best in the circumstances they chose.

Face the future with love, demonstrating that love is who you are. Not ascending in the next wave means that you are to be the ones who give the ascension opportunity to those who can accept the next call when it comes.

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  1. Dear El Morya,

    My choice is to ascend with the first wave. It is my decision and I am very comfortable with it. I can imagine there will be some distress from those who will miss the first opportunity, especially from those who are aware of awakening and ascension, and who have not ascended due to whatever circumstances in their lives. There is no guarantee I will ascend either, however, I have made my decision and are sticking to it and will accept the outcome as it comes.