Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ashtar says . . .

We of the Ashtar Command are aware of all that is happening in your dimension and are able to assist. However, for us to materialize our craft, we still need more openness in the attitudes of man. The elimination of control games would be more telling than the end of war. We need more heart activation on your end to come any closer to contact.


  1. Dear Admiral Ashtar,

    How can we take down the Illuminati cabal without your assistance to do so? So many aspects of our lives are still being controlled by these entities and misinformation are being channeled by other ET sources, surely some help from your side would be most helpful.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Part 1.

    Dear Ashtar, this message seems a contradictory one to that of Saint Germain's, where he stated any alien assistance would not be forthcoming. Or are you not to be considered 'alien' from his perspective? Why would you need to materialize your craft Ashtar? What would that achieve in itself? A change of human perspective perhaps? More questioning from the general population? Would such a thing trigger more heart consciousness? But you say you need more heart activation from us to achieve materialization, catch 22. Seeing ships in the sky, while fantastic and confirmation for many of us, may only bring about more control options for those who have attempted to keep the whole alien thing under wraps. Is this the real issue? Would those controllers resort to their 'nothing to lose' stance and destroy the lot?

    So it seems that the minority of 'believers' and those ready for contact and those who want disclosure, honesty, ascension, etc, must suffer at the hands of the control freak majority, again and again. Why can't it simply be that those who are on a similar wavelength, who desire contact and ascension, can see you, and those who are not interested, can't see you? Surely you guys are advanced enough to do anything to phase you in and out and give those who want to know, a real experience for themselves. To make things real for them. Why all the words on a screen and no action?

    Man needs a wake up call quickly, and all that seems to be happening from many sources, are excuses as to why this or that can't happen. Did space family treat the population this way in the past? There are hints to previous contact all over the world from many cultures. Or were those on the planet at those various times more advanced than we are in their spirituality and heart development and could accept contact more easily? Or were they much more easily influenced?

    Many so called spiritual sources say that interference is not allowed to occur, but aren't these messages or materialization of craft, just that? By providing these messages there is interference isn't there? People will read them and assume things will be a certain way won't they? They will be influenced to one degree or another. And if everything in the universal plan is 'on track' which is repeatedly touted out there, why do we have a need for such messages anyway? It seems the current population have come too far off track now and either a quick wake up call or imminent reboot is needed. Perhaps many reboots have happened over the history of this planet? Does God let things go a certain distance and no more? Who really knows?

  3. Part 2.

    Yes, I know, my mind is rather active on this subject and looking at things from it's current limited perspective, but when things don't add up, surely we can question can't we? Just as a child learns by asking those why questions, so should we.

    Wouldn't it be interesting if December 2012 came and went, and 2013 was just like every other year on the planet? Like the Y2K episode.

    Most of us live in fear to one degree or another, whether we like to admit it or not. It is the inbuilt survival instinct which will kick in at anytime it is needed. There seems to be a plethora of fear inducing material out there regarding 2012, keeping people wondering what will happen. Silently inducing the fear. Then there is a message like this one, saying your craft can't materialize because we don't 'qualify' yet. That more or less states we are not 'good' or ready enough to see ships in the sky. What of those who want this to occur?

    No wonder people want to give up on the whole disclosure and ascension thing when things like this are stated. This message made me feel like I am not worthy. How about any others who read it? It is like no matter what those who choose an ascension path do, something will be there to limit it. Is that also part of the plan? Why should those who want it, be at the mercy of those who don't? Can't it be a simple answer from each of us, yes I want it, no I don't and be done with it.

    If the general population choose to remain in whatever dark space, those who choose to work on themselves for ascension shouldn't be penalised for making an effort. One day leads to the next and nothing seems to be happening. Why would ascended masters make excuses? It is better not to inform your followers of excuses isn't it? If we all made excuses nothing would get done. Blaming mankind for not being in a good enough space to take action seems inexcusable to me. Surely there is a point where action cannot be delayed any longer. Action is what is needed, then maybe more people would choose to believe.

    I do want you to materialize for me, so how about it? This may be selfish I know, but I have a right to meet you, just like everyone else who chooses to. Time for action in my books.