Thursday, September 29, 2011

Melchizedek says . . .

Masters of the Great White Brotherhood are not God in their individual attitudes, only in their ascended awareness. Changes in their roles within the hierarchy are on an "as needed" basis. When this wave of ascension occurs there will be a different group of Ascended Masters working as teachers and guides for those who are to ascend later.

Names will be altered from their current appearances to their actual names. No more will their true identities be hidden. Many Masters will become talked about, as they will be changing their current role to lead a new group of disciples, chelas, etc.

My new name will be the name I move on to complete Oneness with. Melchezidek has only been my name for this collective. Next it will be on the lips of many as Christ Consciousness. Yours will be also— as there are no differences at this level.

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful message! And true! I have started to recognize many masters and angels that “hide” beneath many of my friends skin. What are their real names? You and God knows, but this “not knowing” doesn't make them less respected for their work and contribution. I feel the brilliance of their light catching me from the computer screens while I communicate with them via email/internet. It is so wonderful to get this guessing confirmed!

    Waiting for the time when their names will be released, with much love to you and the Great White Brotherhood, this is Aox10