Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Archangel Ariel says . . .

Come to love by being loving.
Care about the objects of your attention.
Give care in the decisions you make.
Ask how to be more caring when an ongoing disagreement adds distress to the God in your own being.

Another life awaits those who cannot learn to care. It is the aware adept who can ascend. Caring is awareness in action.

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  1. Dear Archangel Ariel,

    I feel embarrassed I have such a little knowledge about the spirit world.

    For some time now I am a chela of Master Saint Germain. I read daily messages from him, post my comments about them, ask questions and the next day get answers. From a spirit Teacher and it seems so real! The impression I have is as if Saint Germain is the gentleman who lives across the border where I live.

    Not long ago, we have you giving us daily messages. And you sound same as Master Saint Germain: the gentlemen who live no far from where I live, that know everything about my life and my concerns about life, and give advice.

    Angels in stories of my childhood were spirits of far way worlds that existed when was no time. My wonderful grandmother was describing you as personification of the beauty and the goodness. My imagination couldn’t get any model from the real life to compare you with. With the mind of a child I built my own image of an angel. I created you after my model. I made you look like myself, but not in my own torn off clothes. I put on you clothes that my imagination considered the most wanted for myself: a True dress, and True sandals on your feet. I made you all little girls, and I made your hair long to your feet. I made you fly over my roof, and I made myself flying with you… I had no trouble anymore to have the image of an angel in stories of my grandmother.

    I, again feel embarrassed, had this image of you till to date. Angels that I am contacting through this site are a stretch of my arm away. They don’t seem to be the little girls of my dreams, but they look as wonderful and kind as my model was.