Monday, October 18, 2010

Lady Master Portia says . . .

Open the mind, open the heart.

Close the mind, close the heart.

Man's choices are his way to advance consciousness.

Are these contacts answering the heart's call? Are the daily messages from Saint Germain giving you more awareness? If so, please tell a friend.


  1. Dear and Blessed Lady Master Portia...Thank you so much for shedding your divine Light upon us, for showing us the divine path.....certainly yours and Beloved St.Germain's messages and All rest Ascended Masters Light, Wisdom and messages answer our heart's call....and they definitly give us more and more awareness each and every day through Aruna and rest clear Channels...of Christ Consciousness

  2. Dear Lady Master Portia,

    Your love for Master Saint Germain touches my heart. This is how I would like our relationships with our mates to be like: supporting each other no matter what. My relationship with my husband has lasted for a long time measured after our years. It has happened a lot with us, but the marriage resisted the break. We have handled successfully many slippings down and many climbings up. We have been always there for each other no matter how down the fallings and how high the climbings.

    I understand that what keeps two people going on together in the 3rd dimensional world, is more like a "business" contract between two people having a goal to achieve, a contract, a deal made in advance, to be good companions not much through being "good" to each other, much more the opposite: not being always good to each other, meaning, instead of building an infinite harmony and balance, feeding exactly the opposite: the disharmony and resistence, rejection, push, and much more. The experience that we have in intimate relationships has been one of the most painful for our heart: longing for the true love of two people to become ONE, and never getting it...

    There are days when I think that the change we are looking for will be of such magnificance! CHANGE is not exactly the right word. It will be a new life, with new people, new principles in the foundations of life. It is so good to experience this "turn around" of the old us in something else that I don't have a name in my mind to describe, let say: BRILLIANT!