Thursday, October 21, 2010

Archangel Gabriel says . . .

Making the choice to bring love to the world caused the Angels to rejoice.
For the love of God is all we want to have in the hearts of man.

Choosing to love the most difficult to love is loving God.
Contributing human love to a man in the dark can help him begin to accept the light.

Give more of your love to all who are contributing grief to others, and never deem them unworthy. They are all Masters, not just as they appear now.

Masters are everywhere. They need no condemnation for their actions, because they did what they did for others to learn from.


  1. Thank you Archangel Gabriel. I yould like to add what Ascended Master El Morya said a few days ago: "Acting as a divine being is your challenge."

  2. Dear Archangel Gabriel, I had some more thoughts about this loving thing. Why we get confused under the open skies.

    Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual – 4 aspects of me. I will call the last two doing Okay. Emotional is not tested yet, but I will put it at the same group with the last two. So there are three aspects doing Okay. Physical is behind, and physical is aware itself which parts of her are not doing Ok. So, the unity of 4 aspects is not completed. The three Ok-s agree to move on a little bit slower to allow the physical to reach them.

    Physical doesn’t like the condition, doesn’t like how the other three make her to feel guilty. She says she wants to think about changes she needs to do and means to use to bring the change. Physical thinks the other three are pushing her.

    Unity within is broken. The broken unity doesn't stimulate the creative energy of each of them separately and the four together as One. The individual – the togetherness of the four – let's say Myself, does not vibrate in unity with the outside world, when my own is not complete. So is the love.

    The good news is that the four have a point in common: they accept they are different parts of the One – Myself. They know they are in service to me. They will find a way to help and support each other, because they know the love between them and me is reciprocal and strong. They are because I Am.

    When the unity and the love within me finally rein, the connection in love and unity between Myself and the Other self becomes beautiful.

  3. Thank you our Beloved Master Archangel Gabriel.....Indeed Great Message to Mankind....and The Solution to every problem.....LOve you so much, always.

    With Love
    Muhammad Habib