Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Archangel Raphael says . . .

Persons with New Age consciousness can change the world, because they have found their Angelic nature within.

Hearts are looking for love. Giving them a change of heart, will bring the love they desire.

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  1. "Hearts are looking for love."

    ... and love is coming abundantly!

    I had a great experience a few days ago with an Angel of Love. He showed me what an Angel Love looks like. It felt uncomparable to anything that I know... I was quick to pull that extraordinary energy up into my chakras and when that energy touched the heart, the heart exploded and I stoped breathing! (I don't get any better way to explain the experience.)

    What Love looks like?

    Ask an Angel to show it to you. Probably you will be more capable than me to describe it with words.