Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ascended Master Kuthumi says . . .

Poverty is not a lack of money, lack of choices, or a lack of relationships.

Poverty is having nothing of value, and this equates to having no awareness. Anger is the most accurate condition described by the word poverty, because it blocks awareness.

As a monk, I had nothing material, and was the most carefree human. I could do anything, because consciousness did it all for me.

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  1. Master Kuthumi,
    Thank you very much for this wonderful message. It is so true. Poverty is not lack of material things. Poverty has to do with the heart. Sometimes I don't blame people for losing their hearts. The pressure has been tremendous upon us. It has been a very well organized pressure from magnates of money in alliance with politics and politicians. They discouraged people from true values such as family, loyalty, generosity, simplicity, honesty, on and on. They succeeded to plant more than anger in our hearts. They made us have no feeling for each other, see each other as a concurrent, as an enemy, as somebody who was in our way to destroy us and should be destroyed before he would do it. This is so sad. My own childhood and youth had some more of good values and richness of hearts. We were taught that we were all brothers and sisters. This was so natural, as when I was at 15th started to worry that I could never get married because all boys of my age and up I thought were my brothers… Now these days I have seen parents ask the 5 years old child if X is his/her girlfriend/boyfriend… We don't greet our neighbour; we don't exchange visits, we don't share our lives with each other … It is such an emptiness of the heart! It has forgotten the joy of little things. And again it is so sad.