Saturday, October 30, 2010

Archangel Michael says . . .

Challenge every drop of dew that falls on the tree of life.
Challenge all the "do-not's" that come to mind.
Challenge the fantastic, and the frivolous.

What does this life look like to your mind? Is it loving and caring?

No dew comes to the Awakened mind.
No "do-not's" are contained in an Awakened day.
Nothing fantastic, or frivolous, consumes an Awakened conversation.
Only awareness, calm, clear actions, and acts of love, come from Awakened consciousness.


  1. Dear Archangel Michael,
    The symbol of “Dew on the tree of life” gives me another imagination: the grass, the trees in the morning wet with dew. The silence. The nature reigning in her beauty…
    But I catch what you want to teach us. There is a bunch of “I am not”, “I cannot”, “I do not” still breathing with me. I am confident that I can and I will challenge all of them one day soon, putting my own hard work and asking for help from my spiritual guides. Thank you.