Saturday, October 9, 2010

Archangel Raphael says . . .

Masters and Angels are walking among you. See them in the faces of those who make your life abundant with good feelings.

Answer an anachronism: Can the Masters and Angels in your life be an active part of growth of the New Earth? Can they ascend? Are they ready? Why not?


  1. Eu conheci um anjo que caminhou entre nós e subiu porque estava pronto, mas deixou uma tristeza em todos nós, porque foi martirizado e ele faz muita falta. Rubinho Canaan

  2. Good MORNING!!! Absolutely, Masters and Angels can be an active part of the growth of the NEW EARTH!!! I INVITE ALL MASTERS AND ANGELS TO COME TO EARTH AND PROVIDE A BLESSING FOR EVEN THE MOST SIMPLE UTTERANCE OF HELP. ETERNALLY SUSTAINED. PLEASE INFUSE LIGHT AND BLESSINGS TO THE MOST DIRE PLACES ON EARTH. CLEANSE AND PURIFY ALL DISCORD, ETERNALLY SUSTAINED. ASSIST MOTHER EARTH IN HER NEW BIRTH AND OPEN THE ROADS FOR GOOD TO COME BACK IN. ETERNALLY SUSTAINED. Please send more Masters and Angels to Los Angeles, CA. Also send the Thunder Beings to bring rain, before we go into fire season again. Thank you for all your wonderful blessings. Please feel free to come to Earth and bring your light, love and blessings. We need help down here, MUCHO!!!