Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Archangel Gabriel says . . .

Come to my ascension party.
Get dressed up.
Have a great time.
Celebrate the blessings of life.

Welcome the ascension call as the next track of the Mastery path.
When the day to ascend comes, be available. Be ready.
Go to the train.

I AM the Angel Gabriel


  1. Thank you ArchAngel Gabriel!

    Please don't forget to Invite me in the Party!

  2. This Ascension Party has made my imagination goes wild! Is champagne allowed in Heaven in such occasions? I would like to make a toast to Master Saint Germain: "Do you remember when watching my "original" way of meditation and shaking your head in disappointment: "Oh, no, no, no..." and leaving probably thinking "This girl never is going to do it". Cheers Master! Here I am! To you!