Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Archangel Michael says . . .

My gift today is my blue aura. It contains the dream of a new day in the human experience. All auras are contained in it, because an aura of an Archangel can activate others to be included. Today's activation is for courage! Create the courageous attitude needed to go out into the world as your True Nature.
Blessings in blue,
Archangel Michael


  1. Thank You beloved Archangel Michael for your gift/activation and your words.

    Love & Gratitude

  2. * Activated to share my thoughts with You Beloved AA. Michael: Pure God Love I AM - all I know or feel or deduce about myself as long I remember. I Desire to *know and Feel and deduce* IT together every each NOW moment to BE IT I AM THAT I AM. *I FEEL* YOU and the as part of myself Since I read You first time. *I SEE* publication of MY Knowledge by Beloved St.Germain,when I was unable to do this few years ago.. If GIVEN is GIVEN ,out of time,ALL in ONE is GIVEN ONCE again.
    with love I AM to all

  3. "Create the courageous attitude needed to go out into the world as your True Nature."

    I benefited today from your generosity, dear Archangel Michael. I had courage to make a joke early this morning in this site, a few hours latter in the park I had courage to break the rule of the "niceness" for a lady: I took out my shoes and socks and kept my feet for a while in the freezing concrete. You are saying "Actually not much".

    It's true. Not much. I didn't have enough courage to take some more courage from the opportunity that an Archangel offered me today. It was all here "Take it!", but I didn't. As a human that I am, I know how the trick works: pretend it's not there and go about your business as always you did, live as always you lived, think as always you did...

    If I got a little, little bit more courage today dear Archangel Michael, I would be here in this moment telling you how I raised my voice today as an advocate of children of Earth, children that are special and precious and must be treated with knowledge, respect, love.

    Actually, silently, in my mind only, I did it. I hold a great speech for parents, teachers, politicians, lightworkers, every one in the world (except myself...!)

    Oh yes, I know, Archangel Michael what you mean when you encourage me to show my true nature. But I am busy with myself Archangel Michael. I am afraid of my own death Archangel Michael. This ascension thing, is too much Archangel Michael, I don't know if I am going to do it or not for myself... Um, they say money is going to fall, as well. You see? The adult of earth is busy. Not time left to look at the eyes of his God-like child and get the message...

    (I am going to stop here.)

    I had the chance today to use the courage given by an Archangel and show my true nature, and I didn't. Who said that you are not going to give me a second chance tomorrow? You will, and I will take it.

    Thank you very much.

  4. Dear Administrator,
    By a mistake I deleted the email I got a while ago from this site. I kindly would ask you to send it again at the same address, please. And sorry.

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  6. Interesting message... after wallowing in economic doubt, I decided to take a step out and go for it... I had printed my Synergistic Breathing Workshop flyers, handed some of them out, and emailed to my entire mailing list... all yesterday! The message was Perfect! Thank you!