Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Metatron says . . .

Children of the Gods are not Gods individually. No child, of any parent, becomes the duplicate of its mother or father. Unique characteristics are developed by genetic components, and the consciousness of the container they fill.

Clouds are also conditioned by their creator clouds. Moisture contained in one cloud, differs in many characteristics from any other cloud.

Children are much like the clouds. One day, clear and airy, another day, wet and dark. Are they any less loved when they are not beautiful? This is how God considers all of the children being dark on certain days. No difference in caring exists.


  1. Ok Master Metatron,

    It seems as if you have heard my thoughts today (one of those days…!) and thank you for comforting.

    Thoughts getting heard make me ask the question:

    Who hears them? “Bad” guys as well? Whatever we think, say, do goes in “big screen” in Ether? What about our privacy? Hem…

  2. Aox10
    ...Metatron have heard your thoughts today or You have heard Metatrons thoughts? Both...
    ..One consciousness ,one mind, one thoughts for all ARE in ,including You as a part of THAT consciousness too.


  3. Hi Monika,
    I am positive, this time was Master Metatron who reached me. I can prove it with the time when my crazy thoughts were going on and when the message from Master was posted...
    It feels great.

  4. <3 If Metatron would have us Engage in the Holy Right, which is to Speak, Now is the time to Speak. Talk of the CABLES, my friends. This is an Apocalypse, a Real Revelation. PAY ATTENTION TO THE CABLES <3

    We can Fix this World Soon?