Saturday, November 20, 2010

Archangel Ariel says . . .

When the Masters on Earth are co-creating with God, the light generated will grace all universes.
Take the day to free your mind from any contradictions with your heart.
Accept the heart's gifts, and delight in the freedom of Awakened consciousness.

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  1. Dear Archangel Ariel,
    I am so honored to have lived my lives with the greatest people of all times on Earth, One with anyone ever walked the Earth! Blessed that I have witnessed the greatest events that shaped the History of Planet Earth.

    I feel beyond words to know that I have been co-creating with the greatness in the midst of the most powerful storms that brought about changes on this beautiful Planet, brought about this time of end of the old days.

    What is left to clean and clear inside our hearts is small compared to what we have achieved during this amazing journey of our soul.

    Be assured, we have learned how to do things in God's way, and we'll do them this way to the last breathe of our lungs on the surface of Mother Earth.