Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Melchizedek says . . .

When my time on Earth was to make way for the Master known as Jesus, he came as one man, and delivered the message of God by himself. Now there are many Masters able to deliver God's message. These Masters are those who are fully awakened, and empty of man's conditional love of others.

No conditions on the heart are divine conditions. They are all man's doing. What has become today's conditions, began as non-alignment with God. Setting distinctions between an observant vs. non-observant was not God's desire. No matter what man calls others, noting a difference cancels his divine attitude. All beings are equal. No distinctions exist that make this not so.

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  1. This morning I thought I would not dare to see in your eyes again. Instead, I am here at the same day. Master Hilarion, please forgive me! I will try to light your heart showing that your time is not completely wasted with me.

    I never understood why the mercy was called a quality of the heart. After my mind, mercy meant no Pride. I didn't like it. I didn't like to have mercy for somebody. If I was not able to love that somebody, better leave him alone. The last I would wish for myself: somebody to have mercy for me. If I was so down and hopeless in the eyes of others, better them let me suffer and die instead of giving that look of... mercy. I see it differently today. Mercy I would compare with a variety of Love. Wet, softer, deeper than the usual love.

    Master Melchizedek,
    If things would go differently in our world, maybe I would have the time to awake the Master inside and go proudly through the ascension process. Leaving the Now Self it will be like a big drama of a complicated character: a bit angel- a bit human, a bit done- a bit undone... It is scary to think about it: Saint Germain calls your name, you answer "Ready", immediately get yourself hanged up there surrounded by darkness and loneliness. I fear both of them. Panicked, blinded in dark, maybe crying and asking God better to send a lightning and destroy me. Archangel Michael comes and shouts loudly "Where have you been girl, looking for you all around..."

    I thank you very much.