Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hilarion says . . .

Confidence in how Mother Earth nurtures her children cancels fear. Mother Earth has the ability to be all a human needs, when the cares of the world become overwhelming. Can an Angel or a Master give the delicious comfort a touch of a cat or dog can give? In the same way, a touch of the land you are on is more comforting than the air or clouds that are also there, but can't be felt.

Mother Earth gives the children of God her ability to cancel their fear of the unknown. Touch the land, touch the plants, touch the matter that lives on her contained areas, and be aware, that her nurturing must be considered a gift, or it cannot nurture you.

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  1. "Mother Earth gives the children of God her ability to cancel their fear of the unknown."

    Mother Earth cannot give me totally what I need. She allows my heart to expand the best of values residing inside, yes. She cannot put my fears at ease. She doesn't know much what I need to know: where I belong. She cannot give comfort to my anxiety that people of my original home who let me go an eternity ago have forgotten that I exist. Yes, they let me go. I don't believe I wanted myself to take what I had to take while being a human. They maybe are not interested to know if I exist. There are many civilization up in my sky talking to their children, my people are not there. Do they themselves exist? Or they are so apathetics that don't care what's going on on Earth? If so, shame on them.

    What do I have to think else that I am lost here, lost there, lost everywhere? Mother Earth wishes she could know more, but she doesn't.