Thursday, November 18, 2010

I AM THAT I AM says . . .

Walking in grace begins with giving me an opportunity to lead. If you give me a chance, I will lead an Angel to heal and protect all of the children that are now missing the mark when it comes to divine understanding.

Can an Angel give you the answer to courage and awareness? Observe things today and find out.


  1. Deal!
    Lead me today through my day. I will be open to accept your lead. I will add my love and courage, and you will make them stronger and brighter.

    I will keep my mind open to recognize brothers and sisters in need, then I will open totally myself to be your tool, your hands and heart so you can act through me to help them find the way.

    It sounds so great. I will let you know in evening what happened.

  2. I promised I will get back to you and I am.
    I had a peaceful day, if I don't mention the "incident" of not using mind when I left home, grabbed two apples but no any ombrella with me. On my way to work I focused in each face to recognize the angel you told me. Actually I saw many of them. In each face was an angel behind claiming protection of the entity. I was relaxed and grateful to I Am That I Am for taking brothers and sisters of mine on His Care.

    The day continued joyfully. I danced a little at the blind spot where I have my coffee not seen from others, I laughed at work, and read a bit between short breaks. Not much thoughts, to much dreams.

    Dearest I Am That I Am,
    Let be said between us: it's going to take some time until the dust will settle down and people of my home will come to the simple understanding that I Am That I Am is all that exists. It's going to take some time, sadly said. Thank you for being us and with us in every step of our journey.