Monday, November 15, 2010

El Morya says . . .

Consider that the mind can only conceptualize what comes to the manifestation stage of existence. All else is an assumption. What cannot be assumed is the direct experience of an Awakening. Only an Awakening can demonstrate that the mind's concepts of all a soul's lifetimes are not the Truth.

Basic teachings about the human condition do nothing to deliver the Awakened condition to man. What can deliver this is the question, "Who Am I"? Are the answers to this question a concept about an individual? If so, the question must be asked again, and again, until the mind has no answer.

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  1. Sorry Master for giving you a late answer, but better to get it right. Who Am I? The visualization is a huge Being living in neighbourhood of Earth. Here is momentary where I have placed myself, close to my work.

    My work is just a fun thing. I made up a puzzle, complicated it as much as possible: many tricks that my mind could think about, spent many of my abilities to make the puzzle perfect. When convinced that all tricks over lapped above each other and I had forgotten what I put into, I had to solve it. Isn't it fun?

    I am almost at the end. All pieces are put together at the right place. I have taken it slowly. I am not in rush. There are only a few days I am down here and I am enjoying the place, the brotherhood, myself. Earth is a blink of my eyes away from the other neighbourhood, and then the next, and then the next. Whatever door I would knock there I will get a welcome. They are brothers and sisters of same gen, having more or less same fun “business” to do: enjoying life.

    Who knows what I am going to do as the next “job”...