Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vywamus says . . .

More than the consciousness needs to open for an ascension to happen.
More than a calling for ascension needs to happen.
More than a dream about ascension is needed.

Close your eyes and notice a change in your awareness.
It moves around until the altered state has been achieved.
Only this can allow an anchor of light to accept more than the usual dose of Christ consciousness.
When the body has become very still, all the universes are able to have the benefit of that body's love.

When an amplification of love comes, many of you will anchor this love to the mass consciousness, making a major change on Gaia.
Are many able to do this? Yes.
Can they do it together?
Only if they can get the message: "Now is the time to meditate."

1 comment:

  1. Hi Master Vywamus,
    So nice to have you between us.
    Meditating is important as you say and Saint Germain says. People are getting it very helpful in many ways. A majority have mastered the "skill" of doing it properly. Many others are struggling to get it right. Thank you for the guidance. We'll try our best.