Monday, November 8, 2010

Kuthumi says . . .

Answers to all of your questions come from the greatest source of all, the Divine Creator.
Answers to your material desires also come from the Divine Creator.
Answers to all of Gaia's concerns are the maintenance job of the same Creator.

Change the way you are acting towards the use of this land, and all of the Creator's challenges on his/her continents can be dealt with in an ongoing way, not at one time.

Masters do not guide God. Masters are guided by God.
Give all of the maintenance decisions to the most capable Maintainer.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Masters and Archangels,

    Thank you for this little place where I feel invisible from the world and chat with you. You and I in little voices as if telling secrets and discovering mysteries together. You one wise word, I ten exciting la-la-la-la-la after you.

    Master Kuthumi, do you see how hard to work with me? It is a great teaching, and advise, and concern in your above message. I am not here, unfortunately... I enjoy selfishly my new me, my new happiness and enthusiasm, a new light shines my days, a new Sun brights the sky, brand new stuff everywhere...

    This is half of the truth. The other half is my doing. I am working in bringing peace in tough issues of my family, bringing together to live in harmony things that before my awakening (St Germain, am I right, am I an awakened?) would cause the 3rd world war... I know all I see happening in my family is not my merit, there are divine hands giving a nice push to the wheel of life to go and go around. If I take some of this merit for myself, you Masters and Archangels do not get mad. Thank you.

    Master Kuthumi,
    What I believe is that the more difficulties come ahead, the more grandious the ascension will be in our planet. I feel God has designed for us the greatest Master Piece Plan. Thank you for helping this plan to be carried as God wants it to be.
    Love you all.