Sunday, November 14, 2010

Lady Nada says . . .

Contained in the original Bible's Garden of Eden story, is a name that brings more awareness than the dream that has been passed down to the man's grandchildren. First there was Lilith, the goddess of grace, who gave man his desire for more than an apple. She wove a web around him to get him to love.

What came out of his loins became a garden of children, who made the garden healthy with their games. Children of God need to recognize the Lilith in themselves, that gives them the desire to dance and give to others.

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  1. Dear Lady Nada,

    I am surprised you don't know this: Lilith of the Eden's Garden has remained the same in the present time. She is the breeze and she is the storm, she is the butterfly and the lioness, she is the rose and she is the thorn, she is the light and she is the dark. She is the song of angels and she is the trumpet of wars. She is God and she is Goddess. She is everything, and above all she is Love.

    The man she wove a web around to get him to love, is not the same. The man of her has forgotten to love breath to breath as it was once at that time of the Eden's Garden, as Lilith would love his love for her to be... Breathe. Just breathe and silence to feel the breathe...

    This causes to Lilith the pain, without knowing where it exactly aches. Because is heart involved, and the aching of heart is deep, is everywhere and hard to recognize where exactly it is.

    Lilith of the modern times imagines herself as the Sleepy Beauty that falls asleep and gets up at another time, when her man, the Prince of her Dreams, patiently awaits beside her to be awake again and say to her: How much I love you, and how much I missed you!

    Could it be true someday and not only a dream?