Saturday, November 6, 2010

El Morya says . . .

Confidence in the future has been disturbed, and this has caused many to seek more spiritual awareness.

Awareness can determine the most appropriate education for an adept. Putting all in one class, doesn't work. Maybe the class is not their destiny leader. Maybe another class is. Choosing a class for this juncture, is as important as the drama the day can bring.

Now, the choice must be made. Can you choose from the guidance of your own knowing? Put each class to the test: Is this the next class for me?

Accept your answer.

1 comment:

  1. For me, confidence in the future is stronger than ever, and this has caused me to seek more spiritual awareness. The ignorance is of a deadly cost.

    The class is good, teachers are good. The level of knowledge of students is different: from completely illiterates to masters. Because students of the class have accepted same awareness, the illiterates can benefit and learn from both: teachers and their fellow classmates who are masters already.

    The condition of this class is that everybody should graduate with excellent grades. Are teachers and master students of the class to give some extra help to the behinds? It is not matter of confidence of the last; it is matter of time, everything need to be done Now and not tomorrow.

    Thank you.