Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Hilarion says . . .

Patterns of behavior become the norm by following the way of the mind.
Creativity and change come with "out of the norm" decisions.
How do you get "out of the norm"?
By avoiding mental directions.

Acting on nothing but a hunch, can contribute more to life, than going on and on without making a different choice. Accept all hunches as divine guidance, and contribute more opportunities to life as a channel of God's awareness.

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  1. Thank you Master Hilarion,
    This is a beautiful teaching about Freedom. Nothing better than the lack of freedom can create a perfect obstacle a soul should get over, in order to find its happiness.

    Would I ever trade my Freedom for anything else? Never. If I would be asked to sacrifice for a while my actual freedom, for achieving a greater one at the end, I will say "Yes" again and march toward the new adventure.