Friday, November 12, 2010

Archangel Michael says . . .

Forces of the worst kind are looking to destroy the destiny of humanity. These are the collective who don't even know of their direct contribution.

What is now happening is: the control of man's destiny has been delegated to an active group of mischievous, devious characters, who want man to direct his own drama.

Changing the game can control the destiny of all. Give this denouncement of God's plan no attention.

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  1. I was on my way to work this morning whispering to myself "Wake up, wake up, wake up..."
    A deep sentimental loneliness feeling slowly touched my heart. Not comfortable in any thing. Not in my tight skin and the little body, not in the space where I stand. Being lonely. Belonging nowhere. Having nothing more than a sensitive heart for my bad... I asked Archangel Michael to stand by me. He opened his arm and held me close to his breath. I felt safe and secure in his arms, but still lonely. It doesn't have to do with my strength. It exists out of all qualities and manifestations of myself. It is on its own the king ruling over my being: Loneliness. I apology: sometimes like this moment today, I think I was better off before when I had that concept for myself that I was not much than nobody, only a number in the world registers, a vote counted pro or against in political compaigns, a fade voice that never asks anything for herself, a physical body coming from nowhere and going nowhere, born in the dark of the only room-apartment of a huge family, going to disappear as the anscestors did leaving behind no tracks, no sounds, no memories, and sometimes no names... I was comfortable with this image. I was OK. Knowing that I was aging and the time of going was close.

    Now I know all this stuff of eternal me and feel bad. Why did I have to leave some dearly warm SOUL family place to get lost in nowhere? What "lessons" were those I hadn't mastered at the time? Love?! No way. Love and light have been "I" forever. Why was I left to go then? Why am I alone now?)

    The message of Archangel Michael just came and it says . . .
    "Forces of the worst kind are looking to destroy the destiny of humanity."

    Who dares to touch the destiny of mine signed and sealed by God? Who dares to think that I am the weak being that I sound up here, not able to protect myself? Those guys are wrong Archangel Michael. I am a loiness. Able to close my sentimental feelings and be an warrior again, having you as my leaders.