Monday, November 1, 2010

Lady Nada says . . .

Colorful days are making the landscape "new and different". Summer, fall, winter, and spring each open a new way of delighting the human senses. What if these days all looked the same?Could the cycle of seasons be human guideposts for a "new and different" experience? Can you live as nature does?

Some of you do not even notice these alterations to the landscape. Noses in computers, books, and TVs are the rule. We of the other dimensions are looking at you in disbelief. How can you not enjoy the color around you?

Are you open to "new and different" experiences? If not, examine the cause of the attitude behind this.

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  1. Hi sister Lady Nada,
    The country where I live is beautiful. Four seasons painted in lovely colours: winter in the white, summer in the golden of the Sun, spring and fall's colours taken from rainbows of Heaven.

    There were only a few days that I was not in park, and yesterday everything looked different there. Trees half naked and the ground was hidden beneath the red, yellow, green, purple, pink leaves and grass and small branches fallen from trees, birds and squirrels and dogs playing with each other, clouds down as if would touch my head (maybe Ashtar was hanging down with them to watch closer the beauty of mother Earth in fall season...!) It was such a picture.

    I don't know if the same time last year this park was the same. I don't remember those colours to have been there before, and birds, and little voices coming from no where and being everywhere (am I in love?)

    My own “seasons” at that time were never in harmony with those of the Nature. My seasons were a little sun here and there, some flowers here and there and the rest a long and never ending storms and winters. They have changed currently: the seasons of my life are filled with long never ending bright days (might this be love?), once in a while some dark skies, and any storm here and there...

    The Nature and its colours has been there forever. I am New and Different: I am in Love.